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"I am a psychologist. We have had a very difficult marriage for over 15 years. We made more progress with you in two sessions then we ever made with any other of the four counselors we saw - and some of them we met with for months. Thank you, Gary!" 

     (name withheld)


"Gary Lankford is the definition of excellence in marriage and family counseling.  He brings integrity to counseling and healing to those he serves!  Choose Gary - you're making a very healthy decision." 

     Pastor Timothy W. Teague, Victory Hill Church, Carroll, OH


"We have been married over 20 years, and I had totally given up on ever being happily married. We couldn't talk about anything. And my husband seemed totally oblivious. After the first time we met with you, I couldn't believe it. I felt hope again for the first time in years. After the second session, our marriage was actually different. It's like a miracle." 

     (name withheld)


"Gary Lankford is a skilled and caring Christian counselor.  I refer people to him often, and he delivers practical help from a Biblical perspective.  It’s great to have a partner in ministry that I trust to counsel with our people."

     Tom Alexander, Lead Pastor, Amazing Grace Christian Church, Grove City, OH


​"Easter morning my husband asked me to marry him again and I said yes. I also placed my wedding rings back on my finger where they belong, they have been absent far too long. To me they are a symbol of restored commitment and trust between us. I know it was God's timing. I know there are some uncertainties ahead of us, but I am convinced we can get through them, simply because we are facing them together for the first time in a very long time. Thank you for helping us get to this place. When you kept telling me we were making progress, I constantly doubted you. I thought if we were making progress I must either be completely blind or crazy cause I couldn't see it. I guess you were right all along. Thank you for pressing on for us and letting God work through you." 

     (name withheld)


"Gary Lankford is an excellent Christian counselor.  Let me place the emphasis on "Christian." Gary helps individuals and couples see issues through the lens of scripture. This is where real transformation begins. Allow Gary to help you see as Jesus saw and hear as Jesus heard." 

     Greg Bondurant, Preaching Minister, Westerville Christian Church, Westerville, OH

"Thank you so much! We have been sooo happy, thank you for giving us tools to work with and thanks to God for the miracle that softened our hearts, especially mine."

     (name withheld)



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