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I provide, practical, biblically-based counseling consistent with a Christian worldview. I give insight and tools to help people get out of crisis and move forward into a healthy, God-honoring life. I have had good success with people experiencing several types of difficulties.


About 75% of my practice involves relationship counseling - especially marriage and family counseling, but also singles relationship counseling.


About 25% of my practice is individual counseling. That said, relationship counseling usually involves individual counseling, as well. And individual counseling almost always includes relationship counseling, even if your main concern is depression, or anger, or anxiety/stress. 


In any event, below are some of the areas of "Individual Counseling" that I am good at, as well as some specific areas where I refer to others. If you have a problem not mentioned below, I would be glad to discuss it with you to see if I can help.


Good Success 



Love Relationship Training

Relationship Counseling for singles (especially post-divorce)

Pre-marital counseling (including post-divorce)

Post-Divorce Recovery and Life Change


Conflict resolution of all kinds
'Failure to launch' young adults, and their parents


Refer to Other Professionals

Serious personality disorders (schizophrenia, multiple personalities, etc)

Bulimia, Anorexia, Cutting

Substance abuse (I can help you with a drinking problem. But if you've been to rehab or detox, and you are still using, I'm not your guy.)


Christian Marriage Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Individual Counseling, Christian Counseling
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