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Now, you can help. By donating to the FamilyVision Scholarship Fund, you can help:


     1. Very low-income folks who can afford little, and

     2. Regular middle-class families who can afford to begin                                counseling, but cannot "finish the race."


I also encourage you to speak with your church. Encourage them to budget counseling assistance funds for people in crisis. Over 50% of church-goers will not seek counseling from their pastoral staff. And every pastoral staff has a limit to their counseling skills and availability. 

Through FamilyVision Counseling, I offer discounted rates to many individuals, couples, and families. Why? Divorce lawyers don't give
discounts! Doctors, dentists, and CPA's usually don't either. 


I believe counseling is a "need to have," not a "nice to have." So, each year, I provide thousands of dollars in scholarships to those I counsel, so they can get they help they need. 


Unfortunately, despite these discounts, there are still some who cannot afford counseling. Many, many more leave counseling way too early, due to cost. 

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