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Christian Marriage Counseling, Christian Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Crisis Counseling

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​Marriage Counseling

If you are on my site, there's a very good chance you want to improve your marriage. Right now! Don't wait. If things are going badly, 'the trend is not your friend.' So interrupt the trend. Come see me. I've had tremendous success helping couples work through and recover from adultery, arguing patterns, and feeling unloved or rejected. I am known for improving "difficult marriages" by making things "simpler, practical, and forward-facing." Most importantly, whatever your marriage, I can help you build the marriage you really want.

Anxiety and Depression

Americans are experiencing an epidemic of anxiety and depression. An incredible number of us take anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds. And the meds usually don't work. Well, they work in the sense that they make you gain weight and lower your sex drive. Or zonk you out. Anyway, you don't need better meds; you need a better life! The people I have counseled usually come to me with really good reasons to be anxious or depressed. Your anxiety and depression are telling you something. I will help you learn how to get the benefit from your emotions and the life change that will resolve them. *Spoiler alert* - you will learn how to Give Love Better and Receive Love Better. Oh, and you will actually have fun again! That helps tremendously. 

Parenting and Difficult Teens

You may not want counseling because you are too embarrassed about how things are going with your teen and you feel like a failure. Well, call me anyway. I know it's embarrassing, and you probably have given up on anyone being able to help you. I can help you. I know how you feel, and I know what you and your teen need to do. Trust me, it's probably NOT all your fault. And there ARE things you can do to change the relationship. I will walk you through this.


Divorce and Divorce Recovery

Divorce is brutal. It's almost always worse than you think it will be. Divorce changes you forever. Divorce changes kids forever. There are very specific things you must do to minimize the damage. And there are things you must do to heal from the damage and move forward. Time definitely does not heal all wounds. Some good news: despite all the pain and difficulty. you can build a life that's even better than it was.

Christian Marriage Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Christian Counseling


"We have been married over 20 years, and I had totally given up on ever being happily married. We couldn't talk about anything. And my husband seemed totally oblivious. After the first time we met with you, I couldn't believe it. I felt hope again for the first time in years. After the second session, our marriage was actually different. It's like a miracle."

(name withheld)


"Gary Lankford is a skilled and caring Christian counselor.  I refer people to him often, and he delivers practical help from a Biblical perspective.  It’s great to have a partner in ministry that I trust to counsel with our people."

Tom Alexander, Lead Pastor, Amazing Grace Christian Church, Grove City, OH

Christian Counseling

Christian Marriage Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Individual Counseling, Christian Counseling
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